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Atari basic

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Atari BASIC is an interpreter for the BASIC programming language that shipped with the Atari 8-bit family of based home computers. Unlike most 8-bit. Atari Basic - A Self-Teaching Guide By Bob Albrecht, LeRoy Finkel, and Jerald R. Brown, published book cover. Table of Contents Go to thumbnails Click. use the ATARI Home Computer by showing you, step by step, how the ATARI BASIC language can be used to control the computer. In this book, you will find a .

computer is essential. Some programs in this book use sophisticated programming techniques, while others are written using simple Atari BASIC statements. Atari BASIC is a high level computer language. It allows us to communicate with the microprocessor using English-like statements, arithmetic expressions. This manual is not intended to "teach" BASIC. It is a reference guide to the commands, statements, functions, and special applications of Atari® BASIC.

The BasicLanguage interpreter for Atari 8-bit computers could be purchased on cartridge. Atari XL and XE machines had BASIC built into ReadOnlyMemory. Some computers, such as the Apple II, Atari ST, and Commodore , use PRINT CHR$(7) to produce a bell or beep sound. The Atari eight-bit computers use.


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