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Sealand national anthem

Sealand national anthem

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As pertaining to the anthem, it was composed by London composer Basil Simonenko in conjunction with the governing Bates family, and has no words. The title. The Principality of Sealand, commonly known as Sealand, is a micronation that claims Roughs not proceed. In , Bates introduced a constitution for Sealand, followed by a national flag, a national anthem, a currency and passports. Other people stay there to take care of Sealand. Sealand has its own stamps, national anthem, money, flag, and more things just like a real country.

During the Second World War, the British government built several Fortress islands in the North Sea to defend its coasts from German invaders. Sealand, by all accounts, seems like a decent place to live. passports and stamps, a sweet flag and national anthem, they're working to be.


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